AXIA (pronounced ax-EE-ah) means value/worth in Greek and is at the heart of our values. Our goal is to exceed expectations in everything we do. From our designs and quality of the components we use, to the purchase experience of our customers, our intention is to treat you exactly the way we would want to be treated if we were in your shoes. Maybe better.

AXIA Time was born out of our founder’s love of watches and his alma mater.

Fascinated by the engineering intricacy of mechanical watches and the artistry of the myriad design elements, he always wanted a quality and stylish mechanical watch branded to his alma mater. While many university watch options exist, the vast majority are either poor-quality quartz (battery operated) watches, or very expensive and well-known Swiss brand name watches with the university logo added as an afterthought.

He wanted a watch he’d actually wear. One that would also commemorate some of the best years of his life. One that was also affordable.

A watch with subtle elegance. A premium timepiece without the premium price. When he couldn’t find what he wanted, he decided to make it himself.

What he created are Swiss Made mechanical watches hand-crafted with quality and legacy in mind: with the same components as, and by the same engineers who build other luxury Swiss brands. And most importantly, with the exact same Swiss Made movements. At a fraction of what the big brands charge.

He got such great feedback on the University Timepieces that he also created watches that anyone could wear. See the collections: