Why do you only sell Swiss Made watches?
Switzerland has been at the heart of watchmaking for centuries, eclipsing other countries with its mechanical and design excellence. Vast knowledge built over generations of watchmakers has perfected the intricate mechanics required for accurate timekeeping. Virtually all of the world’s top watch brands are based in Switzerland, including Rolex, Patek Philippe, and TAG Heuer.

What does the label “Swiss Made” mean?
The Swiss Made label is synonymous with precision and quality. Equally important, however, is that Switzerland’s law dictates the standards that a watch must fulfill to in order to be labeled Swiss Made. To qualify touse the Swiss Made label, a watch’s movement must be made in Switzerland, the watch must be encased in Switzerland, and pass a final inspection by the Swiss manufacturer. This strict quality control assures the buyer that a Swiss Made watch will operate at the highest standards using quality materials and superior workmanship. All AXIA Time watches meet this standard and we are proud to carry on the legacy, tradition and quality of Swiss Made watchmaking.

What is so special about Sellita movements?
Sellita is one of the premier Swiss producer of mechanical movements. They were established in 1950 and have built a strong reputation of innovation and quality. Many big name Swiss watch brands use Sellita movements – Tag Heuer, IMC and Breitling just to name a few.

Why are your prices so much lower than the big name Swiss brands that use the same movements?
Our prices are set on a simple principle – to give our customers a great value at a fair price. To deliver on this principle we sell directly to our customers and eliminate the “middlemen” in the retail supply chain. By eliminating the “middlemen” we are able to eliminate their price markups and pass this on as lower prices to our customers. By taking this approach, our watches sell for a fraction of what the big brands charge while still providing a high-quality timepiece – delivering AXIA (value) to our customers.

When will you be adding watches for additional universities?
We plan a steady expansion of our list of university partners. Please register your email address with us and we will provide updates on the new partner schools as they become available. If you have a specific university in mind that you would like to suggest, please email us at info@axiatime.com.

Do you make custom watches for other organizations beyond universities?
Yes, we can make custom watches for virtually any organization. Please send us an email at info@axiatime.comwith your request to explore custom watches for your organization.

What happens if I don’t like the watch I purchased?
Contact us and we will send you a prepaid shipping label to return the watch for a full refund. It’s that simple. The full refund applies to watches in their original, unworn condition in the original box.