An exquisite timepiece should tell more than time.

The mechanical wristwatch is a marvel of engineering. It’s an art that was first perfected in the 19th century. A tradition with enduring principles that are rock solid and still relevant today. Maybe even more so.

The intricate construction of springs, gears and intricate parts are painstakingly engineered and artfully crafted, and a Swiss Made mechanical watch, with its strict quality controls, has come to be synonymous with quality and precision.

An AXIA Time watch is the very definition of quality, craftsmanship and legacy.

At AXIA Time, we are passionate about and committed to the design and craft of automatic watches in the Swiss tradition. Every element of our design is thoughtfully and meticulously considered with legacy in mind. An AXIA Time wristwatch is built with the same components that other big-name Swiss watch brands use, and most importantly, is built by the same engineers as those Swiss watch brands.

A premium watch without the premium price tag.

We believe you shouldn’t have to break to the bank to afford a high-quality Swiss Made mechanical watch. Whether you’re looking for your first mechanical timepiece or you’re considering adding another timepiece to your collection, we are committed to delivering a premium watch without a premium price. We are able to do this by keeping our overhead low and selling directly to our customers, avoiding all the middlemen and many of the marketing markups

Your AXIA Timepiece was built to last. In fact, it’ll probably outlast you.

We believe this so strongly that it reflects in everything we do. Including our 3-year warranty and 30-day hassle-free returns.