AXIA Time watches are built to last. With care, your AXIA Time watch should last you a lifetime. Probably even longer.

Please keep in mind that AXIA Time watches are automatic, which means they are powered by your movement (or with a traditional wind). You’ll need to wear your watch regularly for it to keep working without a hitch. The power reserve will be depleted if the watch is left stationary for an extended period of time.

If your watch has stopped, it’s very likely that the power reserve has been depleted and the watch needs to be wound to start running again. Please email for detailed instructions on how to operate your watch, or read the instructions on the Sellita Movements page.

You can find care instructions in your owner’s handbook.

If your watch has been in an accident, is faulty, or you’d just like to give it some TLC, we’d be pleased to arrange a service with one of our expert watchmakers.

To book a service or repair, please email and we will reach out with instructions and next steps.

Watch Repair Services