Swiss Made is a legal designation granted to products that meet or exceed strict standards set by the Swiss government. It is because of these strict standards that Swiss Made has become synonymous with quality and precision.

AXIA Time watches are built with Sellita movements. Sellita is one of the finest movement makers in Switzerland for their unwavering dedication to quality. Many of Switzerland’s top watch brands use Sellita movements to ensure the accuracy and reliability of their watches.

For watches to meet Swiss Made standard, they must also be assembled in Switzerland. AXIA Time watches are assembled in the legendary town of La Chaux De Fonds – in the heart of the Swiss Alps and at the center of the watch world. AXIA Time uses the same engineers to assemble and test our watches that are used by some well know Swiss brands.

We are so confident in the quality of our components, the Sellita movements and the engineers who assemble and test our timepieces that we offer a 3-year warranty from manufacturer defect.