The movement is an intricate construction of springs, gears and other intricate parts that are painstakingly engineered and artfully hand-crafted. It’s what powers the watch and ensures its accuracy.

The movement is comprised of dozens of intricate parts that are designed to operate in a space small enough to fit comfortably on your wrist. With so many parts, it is essential that each one is perfectly crafted and expertly assembled. And when they are, magic happens: the movement operates like a heartbeat, almost as if it were alive. You can hear this for yourself when you put a mechanical watch to your ear – the rhythmic beat of the movement brings the artistry of watchmaking to life.

AXIA Time watches are Automatic.

An automatic watch is powered by the movement of your wrist. As you wear it, the rotation of the rotor helps to maximize the power reserve intrinsic to each movement. This power reserve will allow the watch to keep working even if you take it off. For the Kairos collection the power reserve is 36 hours and for the Sofia collection, the power reserve is 42 hours.

Just keep in mind: if you leave your watch idle for more than 36 or 42 hours respectively, the power reserve will have expired. To get your watch started again, turn the crown clockwise 30-40 times and your watch will once again be fully powered and ready to tell time. You can even put it up to your ear to hear that it’s come back to life.

AXIA Time watches use Sellita movements.

Sellita is one of the finest movement makers in Switzerland. They are known for producing outstanding mechanical movements with an unwavering dedication to quality. Many of Switzerland’s top watch brands use Sellita movements to ensure the accuracy and reliability of their watches.

Sellita is based in the legendary town of La Chaux-De-Fonds in the Swiss alps, where watchmakers have honed their craft for generations. It is the second-largest movement maker in Switzerland. All of Sellita’s movements qualify as “Swiss Made,” indicating that they meet or exceed the strict standards set by the Swiss government.