Tewaaraton Award

The official timepiece of the Tewaaraton Award.

Exclusively for the Finalists and Awardees.

How Champions Keep Time

The Athlos

From the Greek word ΑΘƛΟΣ, meaning contest or feat. With a 41mm brushed stainless-steel case, polished bezel, and two-tiered dial, the Athlos is a contemporary take on a classic design.

The Aletheia II

From the ancient Greek word ΑΛΕΘΕΙΑ, meaning truth. With a 36mm polished stainless-steel case and bezel, and two-tiered dial, the Aletheia ΙΙ adds depth and style to classic design.

Commemorating the most important memories of your life in something that you’ll actually wear is the reason I was drawn to AXIA Time.

Kyle Harrison, Lacrosse Hall of Fame Class of 2024

If I had to choose between my superbowl ring and my watch, i'd pick my watch.

Herb Scott, Dallas Cowboys, Offensive Tackle 1975-1984

It is immensely satisfying to handle a watch where everything is just done right, where crisp edges, tight joins, and perfect alignment let you know that your hard-earned money has just purchased a precision machine.

Loren Sciurba for THE TIME BUM, Aug. 22, 2023