Purdue x Naismith

Zach Edey
Limited Edition

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Designed in the US.

Handcrafted in Switzerland.

It is immensely satisfying to handle a watch where everything is just done right, where crisp edges, tight joins, and perfect alignment let you know that your hard-earned money has just purchased a precision machine.

Loren Sciurba on the Kairos II for THE TIME BUM, Aug. 22, 2023

These watches are superbly crafted to the utmost tolerances with excellent, dependable Swiss movements.

Mark T.

There are countless companies that produce low quality, high-priced watches. Harder yet, is to find a company that produces a high quality, fair priced watch with excellent customer service, to boot. Axia Time is easily one of the latter. I highly recommend!

Bill S.

Yours is the best alumni watch on the market. Tag Heuer had a white dial they discontinued and I was so pissed and then I found yours which is even better!!

Robert H.

I have many watches but this watch has moved to the top of my list as this watch can be worn when attending a special event or worn daily in a business environment and I know people will ask me about this watch wherever I am.

Glenn C.

Amazing and beautifully made watches, very pleasant experience, impeccable customer service!!

Tim B.

AXIA Time was 30 years in the making.


Ever since winning the Lacrosse Ivy League Championship in 1988, founder John Kanaras searched high and low for a high quality watch with a design that matched the significance of his achievements. In 2018, he built his vision, just in time for his alma mater to win again.