About Us

AXIA (pronounced ahx-EE-ah) means value/worth in Greek and our name is at the heart of our values.

AXIA Time was born out of our founder's love of horology and his alma mater.

Fascinated by the engineering intricacy of mechanical watches and the artistry of the myriad design elements, he always wanted a quality and stylish mechanical watch branded to his alma mater. While many university watch options exist, the vast majority are either poor-quality quartz (battery operated) watches, or very expensive and well-known Swiss brand name watches with the university logo added as an afterthought.

He wanted a watch he’d actually wear. One that was also affordable.

One with quality and styling that matched the significance of his accomplishments and memories. A watch with subtle elegance. A premium timepiece that wouldn't break the bank. When he couldn’t find what he wanted, he made it himself.

What he created are Swiss Made mechanical watches hand-crafted with quality and legacy in mind: with the same components as, and by the same engineers who build other premium Swiss brands. And most importantly, with the same high-quality Swiss Made movements. At a fraction of what the big brands charge.

AXIA Time was 30 years in the making.

it started with a win.

Ever since winning the Lacrosse Ivy League Championship in 1988, founder John Kanaras searched high and low for a high-quality watch with a design that matched the significance of his achievements. In 2018, he built his vision, just in time for his alma mater team to win again.